John Giordano – Kickboxer and MMA Fighter

My name is John Giordano. I’m a competitive kickboxer and MMA fighter I’m also a dad, a husband and I work a full time job. Finding the time to be able to train 6 days a week 1-3 hrs a day sometimes twice a day is challenging with trying to balance all the aspects of my life. The workouts we put ourselves through are extremely taxing, grueling and long. It’s not easy to also find the energy to take care of my daily activities and responsibilities on top of training.

Recovery rest and healing is just as important if not more important than the training itself. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has allowed me to be able to train at a high level and push my body further and harder than I ever thought I could.  It’s allowed me to be able to train day in and day out, still have the energy to play with my daughter and put in the long hours necessary for work to support my family. Injuries are part of the sport and I’ve encountered a few of them over the years. HBOT has allowed me to quickly bounce back from injuries that are sometimes considered career ending. It’s allowed me to heal faster and be stronger than I could ever be without it. I’ve always had this dream of fighting competitively and I’m able to train alongside and with current and former ufc fighters. I’m not where I want to be yet and I have goals for the future of my career, right now I’m enjoying the journey. Thanks to North Shore Health and Hyperbarics I’m able to compete and train when otherwise I might not have been able to.

— John Giordano – Champion Kickboxer and MMA Fighter

Testimonial – Jason – Medical Condition

To Dr. Harrison,

I have received treatment at the Hyperbaric Center since 2012. During this period my condition has improved greatly.

I am allergic or responded poorly to the “usual treatment”. Hyperbaric treatment has allowed me to return to work. I feel better than I have in many years.

The staff is professional, knowledgeable, patient and kind. They have made all my treatements enjoyable.

— Jason


Testimonial – Rob – Radiation Damage due to Radiation Treatments for Throat Cancer

I am a 67-year old Throat Cancer patient who has undergone multiple surgeries, over 30-Radiation Treatments and Chemotherapy. I have been subject to excruciating ear and neck pain during the course of my treatments over the last 10-months. In a last ditch effort to help alleviate the pain my Surgeons recommended Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a form of treatment that re-creates a below sea-level environment while pumping in pure oxygen to a Chamber. A Chamber which I resided in for 2-hours a day, 5-day’s a week. Because the pain was never-ending the only way I could remediate it was through pain medication. Inspiration is borne of desperation so I began researching Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I came across an independent facility operating in Manhasset. North Shore Hyperbaric’s became my part-time home for the next 60-days. Directed by Dr. Kevin Harrison, a surgeon and staffed with an expert and caring technical staff, I was introduced to Hyperbaric’s. In no particular order my symptoms were indescribable and unbearable ear and neck pain, hyper-excretion of the salivary glands, loss of smell and a complete loss of taste. 33-Radiation Treatments will do that to you every time. Such was the condition of my throat that I had a feeding tube implanted in my stomach for 6-months. I could not speak for three. Anyone who would create a story like this is worthy of the karma they bring upon themselves. After only the second 2-hour treatment my neck and ear pain disappeared. That’s disappeared, like in gone. Perhaps a day before I began my treatments I filled my prescription for 90-Oxycodones. It is not quite 4-months later and the prescription bottle remains unopened and untouched. Despite my early and completely unexpected success, Dr. Harrison cautioned me about setting my bar too low. He said, without equivocation, that the other symptoms would be remedied, as well. Well, it is August 31, 2017 and my feeding tube is long gone, my excreting copious amounts of saliva is a thing of the past and I am drinking freely and eating, smelling and actually tasting most foods. Lest you think that Hyperbaric’s is soley for Cancer patients I would like to inform the reader that my Chamber mates were also diabetic wound-care sufferers, children and young adults with Autism and Cerebral Palsy and patients recovering from plastic surgery. Were it not for the care I received at North Shore Hyperbaric’s I would not be in the fully-functioning position I am today. It’s been 9-day’s since my last PET Scan and apparently I am in Remission. In no small part I have Doug, Suzanne, Kay Lee, Lisa and Dr. Harrison to thank. I have my quality of life back. I cannot recommend them and the science itself, enough!

— Rob J

Testimonial – Kathy – Medical Condition

I had exceptional care and comfort by Dr. Harrison and his team so I am very happy to be able to endorse NSH&H (Health and Hyperbarics). Not only did I benefit extraordinarily as I improved medically from the oxygen therapy but I appreciated the kindness of the professionals caring for me. Each one contributed to the success of my treatment. Thank you so much.

— Kathy