Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Osteomyelitis

HBOT provides oxygenation which helps fight this disease in three ways:

  • Helps to strengthen the bone cells called osteoclasts that reabsorb dead bone,
    allowing the osteoclasts to remove bony debris more effectively.
  • Enhances the function of the immune system’s white blood cells which depend
    on oxygen. For this reason, HBOT is especially effective when used with
    antibiotics as it supports the action of the antibiotics.
  • Helps the body to create new blood vessels called capillaries. As a result of these
    three factors, the body is able to get rid of the diseased bone and replace it with
    healthy bone.

Oxygen is important in wound healing. When the environment of the fibroblast cell has an oxygen tension of less than 10mmHg, the cell can divide, but it can no longer make collagen. It also cannot migrate to where it is needed for healing. When the oxygen tension is increased, the fibroblast can again carry out these wound healing functions.
The collagen produced by these cells forms a fibrous matrix, and new capillaries grow into this. Wound healing is a dynamic process and an adequate oxygen tension is mandatory for this process to proceed to healing. HBOT provides oxygen to promote collagen production, angiogenesis (new vessel growth) and wound healing in the
ischemic or infected wound. Adequate supply of oxygen is key in the treatment of osteomyelitis.

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